Sharon pinagdarasal na matapos na ang laro ng pulitika kina sen. tito at sen. kiko!

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October 13, 2021 | 12:00am


Pumayat ng 12 lbs…

Literal na nasa gitna ng nagsasalpukang bato si Sharon Cuneta na nakabalik na ng bansa pagkatapos ng more than a month na paglalagi sa Amerika para dalawin ang anak na si Kakie na kasalukuyang nag-aaral sa New York.

Dinatnan nito ang matinding tapatan ng kanyang tinuturing na second father at asawa – Senators Tito Sotto and Kiko Pangilinan na may banggan sa vice presidential race sa 2022.

“I come home with a happy, but heavy heart. Two men I greatly love – one whom I have known since birth, and the other, one I exchanged solemn vows with twenty-five years ago, are about to vie for the second highest position in the country, and once again, I do not know what I could have done so wrong to find myself in the midst of two rocks.

“What could I, can I do? I pray that after this game called politics is over, that wounds are healed, loved ones do not doubt your love for them, and I and my sisters, especially, the only family I have left besides my own, find our way back to one another’s arms, unscathed and free of the pain our battlescars have brought us. It is most difficult for us in the periphery, who never imagined we would be in this position. May God bless us all. May God help me through this trying period…Please pray for all of us…,” ang buong message ni Ate Shawie na kasalukuyang naka-quarantine sa isang hotel pagkagaling ng Amerika.

Dagdag pa na post ni Ate Shawie, “the sad thing is, nobody ever really knows how much anyone else is hurting. We could be standing next to somebody who is completely broken and we woudn’t even know it,” aniya na nasa day 1 ng kanyang quarantine kung saan obvious na obvious na 12 lbs ang ipinayat in a month na nasa Amerika siya na sabi niya ay ‘without trying.’ “My top is now a Medium, a size 38 or 8, but my bumbum will only wear a size 10-12.”

‘Di nga naman biro ang nasabing tapatan.

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