The Bright Boy of Brightlight

Is Javier “Javi” Benitez ready to assume his position as president of Brightlight Productions, the bigtime blocktimer of Cignal/TV5 headed by his father, former Negros Rep. Albee Benitez?

“I might,” Javier confirmed to Funfare in a playful Sexy Talk. “Maybe sooner than later. After all, I am the BP president as listed in the company documents.”

The company has been “hemorrhaging” since it started in October last year, losing hundreds of millions on three (Sunday Noontime Live/SNL, I Got You and Sunday Kada) of its six shows (the rest, Lunch Out Loud/LOL, Rated K and Oh My Dad stay since, according to Albee, “the budget of each is three times lower”). Thus, BP needs “a young blood” like Javi to help his father navigate the rough/tough trail to stability.

“I do drop by the BP office when I finish my shoot,” assured Javi.

He has an action movie in the can, Kid Alpha One (release held due to the pandemic) that showcases his martial arts skills, produced by the family movie outfit, and appeared in some ABS-CBN shows (he’s with Star Magic) like FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano and A Soldier’s Heart. At the moment, he’s deep at work in Dear God, a Cignal/TV5 series produced by Perci Intalan and Jun Lana of The IdeaFirst Company.

Check Javi’s curriculum vitae and you will see that he’s highly qualified to run a corporate company. He finished elementary and high school at Xavier (Classes of 2008 and 2012, respectively) where he was a member of the badminton and football teams. From Grade 4 to high school, he was an active go-kart racer and played in the 2008-2009 Asian Karting Open Championship (AKOC). He excelled in academics, was a member of the debating team and was class president of Section A.

In college (Santa Clara University in California), he took up Political Science and later did internships at IdeaSpace Philippines, the local start-up incubator by PLDT. At 13, he co-hosted a TV show called Sports Kidz (2006-2008) and, growing up, as his dad’s co-host in two seasons of Game Changer on ANC.

When Javi asked his dad’s permission to join showbiz, all that Albee told him was, “If you like it, stay. If you don’t, go back to the corporate world.” Reminders from his dad? “Two things,” said Javi. “Don’t do drugs and don’t get a girl pregnant.”

Javi can always keep a balance between the two worlds. If and when he did actively assume the presidency of Brightlight Productions, would Javi initiate a rumored “cost-cutting” revamp? He was mum on that.

Meanwhile, the six-footer Javi is poised for the Sexy Talk.

What is sexy to you?

“Sexy is when someone is successful and makes it look easy. Aside from that, intelligence is sexy, taking care of one’s own body is sexy but those are the givens. I’ve realized that giving someone your undivided attention is sexy. It makes you listen intently and create deep connections along the way.”

When do you feel sexy?

“I feel sexy after showering and getting changed after a productive and intense workout.”

Sexiest time of the day?

“9 to 10 p.m. After dinner.”

Sexiest part of the house?

“My room, of course.”

What part of your body do you consider sexy?

“Chest and triceps.”

And what part of a girl’s body do you find sexy?

“Eyes and lips.”

Sexiest clothes?

“Clothes with the comfiest fabric that you can wear out.”

Sexiest sleepwear?

“Without one.”

Sexiest animal?

“Tiger. It’s such a beautiful animal and yet can be dangerous.”

Sexiest perfume?

“Bad Boy by Carolina Herrera.”

Sexiest musical instrument?


Sexiest song?

“Slow Motion by Trey Songz.”

Sexiest movie?

“It’s classic but Cruel Intentions (1999). It was a lasting memory for me.”

Sexiest food?

“Any food as long as it’s Japanese cuisine.”

Sexiest city?

“Tokyo. Hands down.”

Sexiest book?

“Another classic but The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera.”

Sexiest thing you have done to yourself?

“I took my flexibility for granted but lately I’ve been taking my stretching seriously and it feels great.”

Sexiest thing you have done with somebody?

“I think the best combo is traveling with your partner and being passionately in love. It makes the greatest adventure.”

Sexiest fantasy?

“Our greatest wants are usually with what we can never have.”

Three women that I find sexy?

“My girlfriend, Sue Ramirez. And maybe Anne Hathaway and Addison Rae.”

Using only body language, how would you make a girl know that you admire her?

“I would smoothen or mess up my hair, pa-cute ba! LOL!”

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